Are you ready to push your business forward at 10X the pace?

If your answer is yes…then you are in the right place!

We have all been there…that space where it feels like our business is going nowhere! We become frustrated and start treating our business as a hobby again and procrastinate on the things we need to do. Some of us are scared to death of the tech side in our business like creating content and marketing the content we create. We let all the distractions get in our way and purchase one shiny, sparkly course after another hoping that one of them will finally get us somewhere!

Investing in your business is a MUST, don’t get me wrong! But isn’t it time to make the right investments with experienced guidance and support on the what, when, where and how? 

Then Join my NEW 10X Health Coaches Monthly Membership! 

Listen, I’m a full-time Holistic Health Coach myself…I am in those trenches with you, I have been where you are, I have struggled and still struggle sometimes! But I have learned how to push through adn where to get the right resources to move my business forward. I’ve mentored many health coaches over the last few years on growing their businesses. I’m on a mission to help as many health coaches as I can effectively.

BAM! This Membership/Community was born!!

Within this community, you are going to finally receive the education, motivation and support you have been looking for. In my membership community you will get access to: 

  • Weekly Group Mentoring/Support sessions
  • Access to online Video content talking about mindset issues, content creating, tech stuff, marketing, sales, goal setting, action step creation, and more.
  • Daily Accountability Check-ins with the community via Voxer 
  • Private Facebook Group for getting additional feedback and support and Live training.

*See below for more details on each of these


This group is meant to make sure you are supported as you are pushing forward and completing action steps and working through hurdles in your business as you grow in your creation and marketing of content as well as with your growth of clients. YOU ARE THE ONLY THING STANDING IN YOUR OWN WAY OF SUCCESS! The only reason you won't succeed with growing your business in this membership group is if you don't put the work in and put excuses before your priority of success! Click each section below to get more detail!

Access to WEEKLY 90 minute group Coaching/Mentoring Sessions via Zoom. They are Recorded for your convenience. In these sessions we will set weekly goals & action steps, celebrate your wins and work on your trouble spots. 

Access to Online Video Content via my Teachable platform. You will have audio available as well to listen on the go.

These videos will contain in depth content about:

  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Increasing confidence on closing more clients
  • Content Creation (including tech help and resources)
  • Health Coach/Client specific health resources and more as this group evolves.

I have created a Community Group in Voxer for these daily check-ins an additional audible support as you need through the day. 

I’m available at 9am EST for 1 hour each day via Voxer to help you navigate issues you may be experiencing. BUT, you also have the entire community of coaches you can reach out to through the day to ask questions and get audio help as well when I may not be available. 


You also get access to my private Facebook group for additional support needs, links to coaching events, announcements of new video content released in your online modules and any Lives I do in the group. 

Is This Membership Group Right For You?

YES! Absolutely if you are...


Monthly Membership Fee:

(A Value of $2300/month if you hired me to work 1:1 with you!)

Listen…I have been where you are at right now. I get it, I understand the frustration, the fear-producing thoughts going through your head every day, the procrastination because the tech stuff scares you and more.

I have made huge investments in my business to be able to bring you a collective of education I have learned and support you as you grow in your business in this wonderful supportive community!
  • If you’re tired of trying to figure out all the marketing, content creation, sales, closing clients and more all by yourself
  • If you’re tired of purchasing all the shiny programs that promise you will be an expert at the end and are continuously let down


If you’re ready to just put the excuses aside and push forward with a community of coaches who have gone through the same struggles…

LET'S GO...Click the button below!