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One of the biggest time suckers for coaches is creating content.

This can be overwhelming whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned coach. Here is the solution you have been looking for!

Unlocking The Principles of Health content vault includes content on healthy movement, sleep restoration, whole food education, environmental wellness, financial wellness, faith & spirituality, taming tension, happiness & joy as well as bonus Opt-in content to help give you a jumpstart on building your email list.

This Done-For-You holistic health & lifestyle content vault is not only comprehensive, but it’s also a ready-to-use GOLDMINE for every place you need quality DFY content so you can have both the impact and income you want. Included on top of the content are multiple customizable templates, several tutorials to help you put the content into motion and create a plan to build your coaching business, and the option to set up an included 90-minute brainstorming session with Shannon.

Price: $1497.00


Helping Clients Transform their life and health

Everything You Need in One Download!

Healthy Movement

Healthy Movement

Benefits and importance of healthy movement every day, how to choose the best movement and find the motivation daily and resources.

Rest & Restore

Rest & Restore

Importance and benefits of sleep, creating better sleep habits and holistic options for improving sleep and resources. 

Food Choices

Food Choices

Whole foods 101, processed foods & your health, food marketing & label reading, making time for healthy food, resources and more. 

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness

Education on environmental factors in our health, chemicals in your home, EMFs, 5G, water, cookware, steps to make changes, resources.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Learning the connection between health and finances, tools for taking control of finances, working through money mindset hurdles, resources.

Faith and Spirituality

Faith & Spirituality

Importance of faith and spirituality, understanding beliefs and values, and the connections with our health, putting it into daily practice, resources.

Taming Tension

Taming Tension

Importance of recognizing and changing our perception of stress, trauma and it’s effect, anxiety, holistic trauma therapies, resources.  

Experiencing Joy

Experiencing Joy

Adding happiness, fun and joy to our lives, the connection to our overall health, what stops us and how we can improve it daily.



5-Day Healthy Movement Challenge, content and tutorial walk through to help create a beautiful workbook for the challenge.

“Wow! Shannon’s “done for you” health coaching system is packed with so much awesome information. The course is laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. Shannon’s course takes you through the seven essentials of optimal health, educating your client on how to reach their optimal wellness. What’s great is that you can use this system in so many different ways. You can go through the modules with your clients, let them learn them on their own, or do a combination of both. It is a very versatile system. And the lessons include all of the learning modalities. There’s reading, videos, and downloads. The material is well written and easy to read. The videos are informational and professional. This DFY program is more than worth the investment.”

Brian Denton
Code-Three Health & Wellness Coaching


Get a handy ZIP file ready to copy and paste the content to use – brand and customize!

Online evergreen course with or without coaching; mini-email courses, weekly or bi-weekly content released via any vehicle (email, membership site, course platform, social media).  You decide!  

Educate and inspire, start a newsletter, promote your other channels and programs; keep your clients accountable, keep prospects engaged, warm up a cold list, convert readers into paying clients!

8 -12 week program (as one idea) paired with or without Zoom and/or Facebook Live sessions.

Use the content to create powerful events, promote your program and/or educate your clients and prospects. 

So much material to inspire, educate and build the like/know/trust factor with your audience.

Use the many resources included for your blog or be a guest blogger to build partnerships and engagement.

For online media, newsletters, other peoples’ groups, etc. 

Or Any Combination of the Above

Does the TECH part of the content, create anxiety for you?

NO WORRIES! I can customize the Canva templates for you according to your business branding. Once you have purchased the program, had a chance to look through it all, and had your 90-minute session with me, you will have the option to purchase an affordable customization package from me. You will also have access to resources for Virtual Assistants I trust if you prefer to have someone complete tech setups for you.  Don’t let your TECH anxieties prevent you from using this content successfully!

“The Principles of Health is the most comprehensive done for you coaching programme I have ever come across!! It is there to fully equip our clients with everything there is to know to live a healthful life. Shannon saves us from the usual advice you would typically get in a done for you programme and goes straight into the root of the issues that our clients need to address in order to prepare their lifestyle for vibrant health. If you are desperately looking for a programme that will teach your clients the real stuff we all should have been educated with at school to help us take full charge of our health, The Principles of Health is the programme for you. If you need to deepen your own knowledge in these areas, it is also the programme for you. If you need inspiration and done for you content you can trust to populate your website and social media feeds and create products to diversify your income sources, you will totally get that with The Principles of Health Programme! I can’t recommend this amazing resource bank highly enough! It is an investment with the potential to skyrocket your coaching business!”

Solange Umo
T.L.C. For My Body


Covering the Principles of Health

To get you implementing fast!

Lots of how-to’s, including the tech and customizing templates!

Plus trackers and goal setting workbooks with videos to show you how to brand and customize!

Suggestions and various ways to repurpose and combine content for current clients and to get NEW clients.

Tons of copyright-free images organized into folders

Look for place markers to personalize and add your own spin, twist, flavor, and resources. It’s good to go as is, but it’s easy to make it your own too.

For both you and your clients to dig in further on a myriad of topics.

“Shannon’s Principles of Health Program is the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to purchasing DFY content that will provide the structure and foundation you need to build your coaching business. She’s done all the heavy lifting by providing a clear concise program that’s easy to navigate with your clients and provides just the right amount of information to help them stay engagement without being overwhelmed. Shannon’s program lays it out, so you know how to navigate the key concepts your clients need in order to reach their goals. She covers content like mindset and spending habits that most people don’t want to address, but Shannon goes there. She provides appropriate links, guides, and downloadable content that is useful and easy to incorporate. She also provides not only the content but the instruction you will need to make the program your own with editing instructions that won’t leave you hanging. Who needs one more program or content that just sits in your computer? Investing in this program is a no-brainer especially because Shannon will be around to back it up and support you with getting it off the ground. Her bonus tutorial sessions and personal support will make this decision the best one you’ve made in a long time. The best part is she created this program from her heart, and you can tell by the way she put it together. Making it your own will be quick and easy and you can have your coaching program up and running quickly. I highly recommend using the program for your coaching business. You’ll be so glad you did!”

Bobbi McGrath
Be For You, LLC.


BONUS #1: 90-Minute Brainstorm and Q&A Session

Come ready with questions and we’ll brainstorm the best options to use this content in your business to create a game plan.

I want you to move forward in your business for greater income and impact.

Let my years of coaching clients and mentoring coaches shorten your learning curve,
help you get your time back and significantly reduce frustration.

This won’t be another course or program sitting on your computer!

Bonus #2: 5-Day Challenge to Build Your List

Everything you need for a 5 Day Healthy Movement Challenge (one of the best ways to build your list) Including a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to create a beautiful challenge workbook and included Canva Template for it.

Bonus #3: 3 Customizable canva templates with video tutorials

The world of Opt-ins and building an email list is changing! In this program, you will find templates to offer opt-ins in the form of a mini course, a challenge, and a workshop or webinar you are offering. You will also have a video tutorial for each on the when why and how of using them. 

Bonus #4: 50+page Customizable/Brandable workbook template

A fabulous addition for those of you who plan to use the comprehensive module content in this package for an 8-12 week coaching program. This is completely customizable & brandable for your business and includes action steps, questions, journal pages, planners, and more to keep your clients engaged and moving forward at a consistent pace. 

What are you waiting for?


Ultimate Content Vault for Holistic Health Coaches