Wellness Sessions for Health Coaches


I am in the firm belief that even health coaches need their own health coaches to help keep them on track in their health and lifestyle choices.

This is a 1-hour session and includes my recommendations & education for health & lifestyle changes that we discuss within this session. 

You will receive email support throughout the month. You may set up these sessions as often as you feel you need them to help you get back on track and stay on track. 

60-Minute Business Brainstorm Session


Being an entrepreneur, starting a coaching business of any type can be stressful and overwhelming. Mindset hurdles are common and you will experience a roller coaster of times when you wish you had someone to help you brainstorm through some of the ideas you have for your business, integrating tools or programs or help working through a clients difficult health struggles and how to move forward with them.

In these brainstorming sessions, we will discuss any of your educational and business needs, help with setting up/using tools for your business, integrating programs into your business, deciding on services & pricing for services, help in working with a client and more. Ready to team up? Feel like you need personal weekly, bi-weekly or monthly accountability and brainstorm sessions? Let’s get started…get your session(s) set up!